A Weekend Project: Palak Paneer Time

Mom and dad said “make something useful” this morning. So I did.

My recipe involved searching up nice-looking photos that led to stupid recipes on Pinterest. I basically just called mom whenever I needed to know something. I followed some random recipe approximately half way (a test of my patience) and then just winged it. It worked well :-)

Enjoy… palak paneer time!

Happy long weekend!

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A Weekend Project: Fruits Time

Umm…so…who’s a crazy fruit lady? Yup, me.

I went to Sobeys yesterday instead of NoFrills because I figured that they had nicer fruits. I have never been so excited to go grocery shopping (yes, I have a problem). 

When I got there, I got stuck at the front of the store taking photos with all the flowers (hydrangeas!). See below:

And then once I got inside…I bought too much stuff. Had to hold off on some fruits because I knew I could get them at NoFrills too (cheaper, haha).

Anyways…so I took my sweet time picking out sweet fruits. And then I took my sweet time taking photos and making stop motion videos of the sweet fruits. And then I realized that 3 hours of my sweet time had escaped me…and I hadn’t actually made anything.

I guess that’s the good thing about fruits? They taste good in a fruit salad :-)

Enjoy fruits (fruits fruits fruits!) time:

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Chasing Sunsets

I saw some birds flying around in my backyard around sunset time and I couldn’t help myself but grab my camera to go and take some photos.

While the birds were out of my reach, I did happen to stumble upon a beautiful sunset, and decided to take some quick video snaps to put together a mini movie.

Enjoy my mini mid-week movie :-)

The music in the video is the theme music from Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana…and chirping supplied by my backyard birds.



A Weekend Project: Zucchini Fritters Time

This was a ridiculously long week and I was so NOT in the mood to make a video but I’ve had this 5-ingredient zucchini fritters recipe on my Pinterest for the past couple of weeks, and I couldn’t get over it. 

5 ingredients? I can do that.

Oh but my camera wasn’t ready… I went for a morning walk with my dad on a search for cherry blossoms around the city, couldn’t even find one. (I hate that the weather has messed up blooming season, and I doubt there’s going to be a peak bloom this year!) Clearly used the camera too much for a dad & I photoshoot, and killed half the battery. Which meant that my battery died half way through recording this. 

I went through almost an hour of staring outside at the on and off rainy weather while my battery charged. I have two chargers, but one battery. Tell me why life is so complicated?

Anyways, enjoy Zucchini Fritters Time:

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



A Weekend Project: Orange Cake Time

I don’t think it has taken me this long to edit a weekend project video. My MacBook was being RIDICULOUSLY slow today. I’m patiently waiting for WWDC because I seriously need a faster laptop. I don’t know how I manage to make so many videos with the specs I have. Too much patience…

Anyways, today I decided to make the jump over to baking…and baking from SCRATCH. I never do this. I hate baking. I always mess up baking. I also manage to mess up ready-made stuff that comes in a box and you only need to add water to it.

So yup, I gave this recipe a shot: Orange Cake by Fun Food and Frolic. 

Can I just say how absolutely terrible I am with following recipes? This was the first time I was going to follow a recipe step-by-step (I usually just end up doing my own thing), and I messed up (EVEN AFTER READING INSTRUCTIONS) at least 5 times. I thank the lord that the cake ended up edible.

Enjoy, orange cake time:

More colour!

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