2016: A year of learning

It’s that time of the year again where I look back at the work I’ve done over the past year and pick my favourites. One thing’s for sure: I learned a lot this year. My venture into creating films and experimenting with different types of photography has made me expand so many of my skills.

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November // Make Films // Daily Project

November is going to be exciting.

I’ve decided to do the Make Films Daily Project with Xanthe B this month. Yes, that means I will be making a short film every day in November.

This’ll be a challenge.

Watch this blog post for updates everyday or follow along on Instagram at #amarfilms :-)

UPDATE: I did it!!! I finished the project. Enjoy the gallery below or check out the full playlist on YouTube here



Happy vali Diwali

Hello you wonderful people,

Yesterday my family celebrated the most beautiful festival of lights, Diwali. I think we hit a household record for the amount of sweets that were in the house AND the amount of candles we lit up.

It was pretty lit.


Mom (and I … but not really, just mom) made ladoos Saturday evening. Weird because nobody in the family has a sweet tooth, but whatever, it’s more about the experience while making them. ALSO, a special revival of my Weekend Project!!! Check out this epic ladoo vali Diwali video (I’m so proud of it):

After the ladoo making fun was over, I decided to find all the candles in our house to light on Diwali night. Here’s the aftermath of that:

PS. Sad story, but Channa Mereya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil fit beautifully with my video (I edited it with the beat and everything but YouTube blocked it in all countries so now I have to use this stupid backup song…and I’m annoyed so I don’t feel like editing the video again to fit the beat). Booooo!!!

Oh, and sparklers. Everyone loves sparklers (with a beautiful diya, of course).

Hope you had a very happy Diwali! And have an epic Halloween tonight.



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