Majestic UofT

Last week I went on a long walk around UofT and it was absolutely amazing. 

I wish I could do that everyday.



A spring-y Saturday

I downloaded this iOS photo-editing app this morning called Priime. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I’m hooked.

I took these in the morning (and then of course processed them using Priime):

I want all the presets now… there goes $11.99. 



Featured in New Home and Condo Guide!


Today I found out that one of my photo’s was featured in the New Home and Condo Guide because of my recent participation in a photo contest for Lifetime Developments.

This is so exciting! This is my second official publication. This photo will also be available to view in the lobby of the upcoming condominium project by Lifetime Development, The Bond.

You can check out the magazine at the following link:


Winter walks are the best walks

I am absolutely in love with indie song lyrics these days. They just seem to make sense for some reason.

I went on a winter walk the other day. Way too much fun.

Let’s start off with some bright and minimalistic photos (since I’m way too much into minimalism these days).

Oh and some reeds, because they were alllllllll over. I tried looking for the coyotes…apparently there are some in my neighbourhood. I wish I’d caught sight of it.

Also, my boots. I always need a shot of my boots. But, I decided the walk was over when I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore.

Haha, cheers!

PS. I also recorded a few videos. Can’t wait to post-process those and share!

Minimalist mode

News news news! I got featured in U of T Magazine’s post today. Check it out here. I’ve been in a minimalist mode these days. And loving all the snow!

Hope you’re keeping warm (if you’re in Canada, or any place cold, that is)!


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