A Weekend Project: Fruits Time

Umm…so…who’s a crazy fruit lady? Yup, me.

I went to Sobeys yesterday instead of NoFrills because I figured that they had nicer fruits. I have never been so excited to go grocery shopping (yes, I have a problem). 

When I got there, I got stuck at the front of the store taking photos with all the flowers (hydrangeas!). See below:

And then once I got inside…I bought too much stuff. Had to hold off on some fruits because I knew I could get them at NoFrills too (cheaper, haha).

Anyways…so I took my sweet time picking out sweet fruits. And then I took my sweet time taking photos and making stop motion videos of the sweet fruits. And then I realized that 3 hours of my sweet time had escaped me…and I hadn’t actually made anything.

I guess that’s the good thing about fruits? They taste good in a fruit salad :-)

Enjoy fruits (fruits fruits fruits!) time:

PS. Loving making videos these days. Check out these other two I made this week:



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