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  1. Freshly squeezed orange juice

    17 Mar 2017

    There was some beautiful sunlight coming into the kitchen yesterday afternoon forcing me to do something about it. Cheers, Amar

  2. #WhenAmarDrinks

    21 Jan 2017

    When there’s nothing else left to do, you make tea. Check out my #whenamardrinks hashtag on Instagram :-) Cheers, Amar

  3. Happy vali Diwali

    31 Oct 2016

    Hello you wonderful people Yesterday my family celebrated the most beautiful festival of lights, Diwali. I think we hit a household record for the amount of sweets that were in the house AND the amount of candles we lit up. It was pretty lit. :-) Mom (and I … but…

  4. Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

    25 Sep 2016

    I’ve been working on my video making skills by taking this awesome Make Films course with Xanthe Berkeley. It’s helping me think about what I film, and more importantly, how I put it together during the editing process I made this slow-motion video of some Saturday musings at home. Happy…

  5. A Weekend Project: Experimentation Time

    03 Jul 2016

    This week was a week of experimentation. I was taking short clips of video throughout the week playing with all the different features of my new camera.  Enjoy my week(end) of experimentation! And…some more photos from this week(end). This ends my 20-video long A Weekend Project series! You can check…

  6. A Weekend Project: Spinach Pasta Time

    26 Jun 2016

    I wanted to make halwa today. But my sister wanted spinach pasta. Unfortunately, I have to do what she says. Enjoy, some spinach mushroom avocado pasta bake :-) Cheers, Amar

  7. A Weekend Project: Kadhai Paneer Time

    19 Jun 2016

    Mom’s not feeling well today so I had to make something with LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS ginger and garlic.  So…kadhai paneer it was. 18 videos on my YouTube channel dedicated to different recipes! Yum :-) Quick post today…gotta run and eat my delicious paneer.  Cheers, Amar

  8. A Weekend Project: Mango Time

    12 Jun 2016

    When mangoes are in season at the grocery store, we’re going to get a lot of them at home. Ataulfo mangoes Yum. I enlisted the help of my friend to find something to do with all the mangoes we had. Based on her very strong recommendation (she’s going to laugh…

  9. A Weekend Project: Tomato Soup Time

    05 Jun 2016

    My dad bought us a giant slow cooker. It’s a beast. It can also saute, pressure cook, steam, and SO MANY OTHER THINGS I also bought a new tripod. It’s also a beast.  I basically had some very good things going for the recipe today. Enjoy some roasted tomato soup! …

  10. A Weekend Project: Pasta Time

    28 May 2016

    Decided to give the sink a break and only use one pot.  …who are we kidding? Give the sink a break? More like me being lazy and not willing to do anything. Hence one pot pasta. Enjoy! Check out the rest of my Weekend Project videos! Cheers, Amar

  11. A Weekend Project: Palak Paneer Time

    22 May 2016

    Mom and dad said “make something useful” this morning. So I did My recipe involved searching up nice-looking photos that led to stupid recipes on Pinterest. I basically just called mom whenever I needed to know something. I followed some random recipe approximately half way (a test of my patience)…

  12. A Weekend Project: Fruits Time

    15 May 2016

    Umm…so…who’s a crazy fruit lady? Yup, me I went to Sobeys yesterday instead of NoFrills because I figured that they had nicer fruits. I have never been so excited to go grocery shopping (yes, I have a problem).  When I got there, I got stuck at the front of the…

  13. A Weekend Project: Zucchini Fritters Time

    08 May 2016

    This was a ridiculously long week and I was so NOT in the mood to make a video but I’ve had this 5-ingredient zucchini fritters recipe on my Pinterest for the past couple of weeks, and I couldn’t get over it.  5 ingredients? I can do that. Oh but my…

  14. A Weekend Project: Orange Cake Time

    01 May 2016

    I don’t think it has taken me this long to edit a weekend project video. My MacBook was being RIDICULOUSLY slow today. I’m patiently waiting for WWDC because I seriously need a faster laptop. I don’t know how I manage to make so many videos with the specs I have…

  15. A Weekend Project: Salad Bowl Time

    23 Apr 2016

    Today, I went on an early morning run to the grocery store hoping I’d figure out what to make for my weekend project. But guess what? I instead ended up being even more confused because I bought TOO MANY veggies. The positive side to that was the amount of colour…

  16. A Weekend Project: Aloo Tikki Chaat Time

    16 Apr 2016

    It’s always a struggle choosing what to make for my weekend projects. There’s way too much inspiration out there. Also, the minute I get on to Pinterest…I stay there for at least 1 hour. Today, I found and explored these awesome website/blogs Lazy Cat KitchenOh My Veggiesful.filled on Instagram After…

  17. A Weekend Project: Chilli Mushroom Time

    10 Apr 2016

    Guess what? I bought an Apple product after almost 1.5 years! The excitement of opening it could NOT be contained. I had a gorgeous iPad Pro join the Apple family this week. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a photo of some of the members of my…

  18. A Weekend Project: Mango Salsa Time

    03 Apr 2016

    I was super tired and had pretty much decided that I was not going to make a video this weekend. But it was bugging me that I gave up so easy A couple years ago I made a mango cucumber salsa and I remembered the recipe when I was looking…

  19. A Weekend Project: Aloo Gobi Time

    26 Mar 2016

    I was brainstorming different things to make today. Mom said: “Can’t you make something so that I can come home and not have to make dinner?” I decided it was time for aloo gobi (cauliflower with potatoes!). There was so much colour in my kitchen today. Happiness. The only question…

  20. A Weekend Project: Sandwich Time

    20 Mar 2016

    I have been craving a sandwich all week. Here’s the next one in the series: Cheers, Amar

  21. A Weekend Project: Smoothie Time

    12 Mar 2016

    Here we have it…another weekend project! I’m really starting to enjoy these.  Taking a video of something is much different than taking a photo of it. And being still while having your camera in one hand and making something with your other hand is so difficult. But I’m learning! Today,…

  22. A Weekend Project: Roti Time

    05 Mar 2016

    I am probably the most annoying daughter. Mom was making mooli (radish) paronthis this morning and I decided roti making is a great subject for video Remember how I said I only go into the kitchen when I need to shoot videos or take photos? This time, I didn’t even…

  23. A Weekend Project: Tea Time

    06 Feb 2016

    Over the past two weeks, my mom and I have been seriously considering that we might have too many coffee and tea mugs in our kitchen cabinets. But even with our massive collection, we aren’t satisfied This is what I ended up doing with that collection: Mom’s response to all…

  24. A Weekend Project: Cake Time

    12 Dec 2015

    When I wander into the kitchen, this is what happens: Cheers, Amar

  25. Pancakes and more food

    04 Apr 2015

    I made pancakes today! With strawberry syrup! And I made pasta yesterday: With a Krispy Kreme donut to make it all better! That’s all for my food :) Cheers, Amar

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