A Weekend Project: Orange Cake Time

I don’t think it has taken me this long to edit a weekend project video. My MacBook was being RIDICULOUSLY slow today. I’m patiently waiting for WWDC because I seriously need a faster laptop. I don’t know how I manage to make so many videos with the specs I have. Too much patience…

Anyways, today I decided to make the jump over to baking…and baking from SCRATCH. I never do this. I hate baking. I always mess up baking. I also manage to mess up ready-made stuff that comes in a box and you only need to add water to it.

So yup, I gave this recipe a shot: Orange Cake by Fun Food and Frolic. 

Can I just say how absolutely terrible I am with following recipes? This was the first time I was going to follow a recipe step-by-step (I usually just end up doing my own thing), and I messed up (EVEN AFTER READING INSTRUCTIONS) at least 5 times. I thank the lord that the cake ended up edible.

Enjoy, orange cake time:

More colour!

PS. I’m at more than 10 videos now! Check them all out here.



Downtown Toronto’s Khalsa Day Parade 2.0

Thousands of sikhs crowd Downtown Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square in celebration of Khalsa Day. Also known as Vaisakhi, it celebrates the Sikh new year and founding of the Khalsa order of Sikhism. One of the largest parades in Canada - and I got to capture a piece of it! 

Check out the video from this amazing display of a colourful community :-)

I also had my turban tied (thanks to the awesome folks at Simply Sikh)! So I looked completely different, and it took a while for people to recognize me…which has it’s benefits (haha)!

PS. I just realized…I did one of these last year too! I use an app called Timehop that reminds me of an “on this day” every day using my various social media accounts. An awesome way to keep your time capsule in check. 



A Weekend Project: Salad Bowl Time

Today, I went on an early morning run to the grocery store hoping I’d figure out what to make for my weekend project. But guess what? I instead ended up being even more confused because I bought TOO MANY veggies. The positive side to that was the amount of colour in my kitchen. 

I spent about an hour just playing around and creating random stop motion videos using all the fruits and veggies I bought.

And then decided on making a salad bowl (healthy, yup … spontaneity, yup).

Enjoy some salad bowl fun (inspired by this awesome recipe):


Have the most wonderful weekend! 



A Weekend Project: Aloo Tikki Chaat Time

It’s always a struggle choosing what to make for my weekend projects. There’s way too much inspiration out there. Also, the minute I get on to Pinterest…I stay there for at least 1 hour. Today, I found and explored these awesome website/blogs:

After all the exploration, I just really wanted chaat. So enjoy, aloo tikki (potato patties!) chaat time :-)

Here’s the awesome recipe from Playful Cooking if you’re interested. I had too much fun photographing all the colour in this recipe:

Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to watch the rest of my Weekend Project videos here. I’m at 9 now (holy moly)!



A Weekend Project: Chilli Mushroom Time

Guess what? I bought an Apple product after almost 1.5 years! The excitement of opening it could NOT be contained. I had a gorgeous iPad Pro join the Apple family this week. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a photo of some of the members of my Apple family.

I made mushrooms today. I made these last week for dinner and they turned out super yummy (I know, surprise surprise).

But hey, I decided to give them a go again… It sucks that I don’t follow a recipe because I can never make two things that taste the same.

Anyways, enjoy chilli mushroom time!

As promised, my Apple family:



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