A Weekend Project: Roti Time

I am probably the most annoying daughter. Mom was making mooli (radish) paronthis this morning and I decided roti making is a great subject for video.

Remember how I said I only go into the kitchen when I need to shoot videos or take photos? This time, I didn’t even have to make anything. Talk about seizing opportunities (AND being lazy).

Enjoy roti time!



PS. I know it’s a paronthi but for simplicity reasons, ROTI time.

A Weekend Project: Tea Time

Over the past two weeks, my mom and I have been seriously considering that we might have too many coffee and tea mugs in our kitchen cabinets. But even with our massive collection, we aren’t satisfied.

This is what I ended up doing with that collection:

Mom’s response to all this?

“You do realize that now we have to go and get more mugs, right? Everyone knows about our collection. How will serving tea be a surprise now?”




A Year in Review

I always think about doing one of these every year but I get so lazy and then it’s too late. This year, I’ve made it happen. 

I would have made the post on this blog, but this lovely blog management system of mine doesn’t accept photo sizes greater than 10mb, and I was in no mood to resize all my photos.

So, check out my Exposure profile. Because Exposure is awesome.

Here’s the link: https://amarpreetkaur.exposure.co/2015


PS. If you’d like to see my first Year in Review post from 2013, you can take a look here. 2013 was a good photography year for me.

Happy New Year!



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