Why millennials embrace digital advisories

Originally posted on The Globe and Mail

For Amarpreet Kaur, a 23-year-old operations manager in Brampton, Ont., robo-advisers are just another form of technology helping her keep pace with her changing world. 

 “My generation has the tendency to be quick at making a decision,” Ms. Kaur says. 

 “We observe a lot, and are surrounded by technology day in and day out. Everything is so fast-paced and we need technology to keep up with that. I personally want to explore different options and not be afraid to say no. If an app could take care of the thinking and help me financially in the long run, that’s the ideal situation. When the app knows what I favour and how risk-averse I am, I can be more comfortable making investments and strengthening my portfolio.”

A Weekend Project: Mango Time

When mangoes are in season at the grocery store, we’re going to get a lot of them at home. Ataulfo mangoes.


I enlisted the help of my friend to find something to do with all the mangoes we had. Based on her very strong recommendation (she’s going to laugh at this), I was (forced) to make mango lemon bars.

Since I’m no baker (yes, I accept it), I decided to have a backup thing as well: strawberry mango salsa. My friend called me out on it… I only chose that back-up because it had the most beautiful colours in it.

Enjoy, some mango lemon bars. Epic stop-motion style:

PS. 17 videos! Check them all out here

Cheers to the mango,


A Weekend Project: Tomato Soup Time

My dad bought us a giant slow cooker. It’s a beast. It can also saute, pressure cook, steam, and SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

I also bought a new tripod. It’s also a beast. 

I basically had some very good things going for the recipe today.

Enjoy some roasted tomato soup!

PS. If you’ve ever wondered what the behind-the-scenes of my videos looks like, it’s this:

It requires a LOT of trust with the tripod. And being quick on your feet and not having a heart attack when you hear loud noises and assume that your camera has fallen off the tripod. :-)

Follow along on Snapchat to see more behind-the-scenes every weekend (@akamarpreet) :-)



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