A Weekend Project: Aloo Gobi Time

I was brainstorming different things to make today. Mom said: “Can’t you make something so that I can come home and not have to make dinner?”

I decided it was time for aloo gobi (cauliflower with potatoes!).

There was so much colour in my kitchen today. Happiness.

The only question remains: Does it even taste good?



A Weekend Project: Smoothie Time

Here we have it…another weekend project! I’m really starting to enjoy these. 

Taking a video of something is much different than taking a photo of it. And being still while having your camera in one hand and making something with your other hand is so difficult.

But I’m learning!

Today, I made a smoothie (simple things people, simple things).

I really like strawberries. Nom nom nom.



A Weekend Project: Roti Time

I am probably the most annoying daughter. Mom was making mooli (radish) paronthis this morning and I decided roti making is a great subject for video.

Remember how I said I only go into the kitchen when I need to shoot videos or take photos? This time, I didn’t even have to make anything. Talk about seizing opportunities (AND being lazy).

Enjoy roti time!



PS. I know it’s a paronthi but for simplicity reasons, ROTI time.

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