Here are some highlights from my portfolio and what I've been up to over the past few years. 

My work covers web, design, social media, photography and videography. 

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RIC Centre's Annual General Report

The design demanded for transparent communication of RICCentre's fundamental messages for a broad audience in a creative manner. This project began with conceptualization and planning to integrate the right messages in an effective wireframe with a range of media (graphics, images, video, etc), leading into designing and building using Wordpress, HTML5,CSS3, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The final product required various forms of evaluation and critical feedback for fine-tuning the details and ensuring search-engine optimization from usability and accessibility tests. 

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First Look Angel Investment Meeting

The City of Mississauga, the Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre and Angel One Investor Network has organized three annual First Look events to foster the collaboration between the investor community and startups and promote long-term partnerships that will benefit businesses, their industry, and the surrounding community. As Project Manager, I managed complete event logistics (stakeholders, speakers, exhibitors), website development (coded using Bootstrap framework, HTML5/CSS3), social media promotion video production, content development, etc. 

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Driving Dreams Industry Conference

Driving Dreams was the go-to conference for providing insight into disruptive technologies and how they are changing the world. The event featured keynotes, panel discussions and a vendor showcase on the commercialization of disruptive technology in artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)and big data. As Project Manager, I managed complete event logistics (stakeholders, speakers, workshops), website development (coded using Bootstrap framework, HTML5/CSS3),social media promotion, video production, content development, etc. Led to launch of Hackability

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RIC Centre Website Redesign

As the Operations Manager at RIC Centre at the time of the redesign, I was responsible for designing the overall look of the site, navigation, conversion funnel and content development.

RIC Centre - Where Real #IdeasConverge

What is Convergence?

Created a series of 18 videos highlighting various stakeholders at RIC Centre (storyboard, direction and production, post-processing, social media promotion):

  • Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and volunteer advisors
  • Startup clients
  • Government and industry partners 

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Growing Technology Companies

Anomera Feature

AOMS Feature

Putting the focus on a RIC Centre client, Anomera, for a chemistry-focused conference. Using video to promote RICCentre’s services and programs at the conference rather than a presentation. A similar video was produced for AOMS Technologies, in order to promote their recent funding success at an upcoming event. Managed storyboard, direction and production, post-processing and social media promotion. 

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Launch for Success: Strategic Partnerships

Arrow + RIC Partnership

In order to grow the network of industry partners for early-stage ventures at RIC Centre, I built a marketing campaign and strategy in order to develop strategic relationships and collaborations. I produced this video, managed storyboard, direction and production, post-processing and social media promotion with Fortune 500 company Arrow Electronics. 

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Who is RIC Centre? 

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3terra Blog Development 

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Landing Pages for Tech Startups 

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