Maple Town at Mountsberg Conservation Area

Today, my family went on a hike to Maple Town at the Mountsberg Conservation Area in Milton (part of the Halton Conservation Parks)! It was such a calming experience. I’ve been in the need of a hike for a while… A lot of things have happened and my brain just needed a breather.

Here we go… photo time!

Saw this guy the moment we got into the park. These two buddies were making lots of sounds when my sister tried to get close, haha!

Gotta love tractors.

The walk to Maple Town started here

Part of the walk was crossing a railroad. They warned us to listen and look before we crossed… Of course, I had other ideas in mind:

Right smack dab in the middle of the railway line

Made my dad risk his life with me (haha)

More fun along the walk:

A girl passed behind me and said: “What does she even see here? Is there a turtle? Maybe I should take a photo of this too”… Little does she know, there’s beauty in everything.

And then… trees! I was so happy it snowed. It made everything that much better. 

Do you see the blue buckets?

Loved this little cabin

It was so warm by these things!

Maple town!

Warmth :)

More blue buckets!

This awesome tractor.

More more more… there were so many memories to be captured:


And the inevitable walk back to the car…


What a great day! Hope you had a lovely long weekend. Happy Easter!



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