Chasing the World

I had quite the vacation week.

It started off with celebrating Canada Day at the beautiful Kelso Park.

We didn’t intentionally decide to also celebrate July the 4th but we were in Niagara Falls for the day, and thought that we should might as well stick around and watch the fireworks. It’s the least we could do for our American friends. It seems that a lot of those folks were on our side of the border to enjoy the fireworks themselves (don’t miss the epic sunset and airplane taking off time-lapse at the end of the video!).

We then made our way to Collingwood. Man is that drive beautiful. It’s got everything you could imagine. The perfect for road trips. I captured some of the little things that go unnoticed at Blue Mountain and Northwinds Beach.

After Collingwood, we hit up Muskoka; a town called Huntsville. A perfect last stop on a scenic road trip. We stayed at Deerhurst Resort and had the most picturesque lake view. I was up at 5:00AM to capture the fog over the forest across from the lake, and the most fabulous sunrise.

Hope you enjoyed the videos and photos! I’m starting a new series called “Chasing the World”. I realize I go on way too many road trips (although they might lead to Rattlesnake Point and Kelso Park a bit too often) that I need to capture everything on video and create short memoirs of them.

And that brings my vacation week to an end…back to work!



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