Chasing the World: Algonquin Park


I think I took the best fall road trip this weekend. Everywhere I look at fall colours now, they just don’t compare.

If you haven’t already gone (and I’m not sure why I waited so many years), but you MUST go to Algonquin Park in the fall season. Even if you just drive through and don’t take any of the hikes, it’s SO WORTH IT.

Heaven, people. Heaven.

I took over 600 photos. And I’m not ashamed. Here’s a good chunk of em so that you can enjoy this road trip as much as I did:

PS. You can also check out my iPhone shots here (psst…I got an iPhone 7+ and it’s freaking blowing my brains out). Or follow me on Instagram and Twitter :-)

Also, this was my level of happiness the entire trip:

Happy Thanksgiving! I sure am giving thanks for living in such a beautiful country :-)



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